2000 Nissan Altima

Car has 235k miles, last night while driving home (city-driving), the engine surged to 4000rpm, during relatively gentle acceleration from a spot. it went like this:

-light turned green, light gas to make the turn
-I increased the pressure to a constant less than halfway down
-car upshifted
-a second later, the rpms jumped from 2300 to 4000, and it was as if it revved in neutral, so I wasn’t accelerating in that moment, it then slowly came down back to 2300 in 3 seconds (meanwhile I had eased pressure).
-i was probably going 30mph, accelerating to 45mph

The car gets driven approx 650 miles a week by dad so I’ll ask if he recognizes anything similar. However could the transmission be slipping? It normally shifts well.

Is the transmission fluid at the right level? Is the color good?

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That is consistent with the symptoms.