2014 Nissan Altima, Car will not accelerate slowly when step on gas until restart

Sorry, I do not know much about cars but I have a 2014 Nissan Altima that sometimes will not move at normal speeds when I’d step on the gas. My RPM would go up and stay high while I can hear my engine working harder (roar) as I’d give it gas but I’d still move slowly (like only to 30 mph). Nothing would make this go away until I turn off and start my car up again to have it drive normally. I could be wrong but it feels like this would happen more often when driving after I have my car running on idle for about 20 minutes or more. Any idea what this means? What should I do?

That sounds like the transmission is slipping.

When was the last time the transmission fluid was serviced?


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If you are lucky, it is a computer issue with the transmission, if not, then the CVT transmission itself.
Any lights on?

No, out of the 3 times this has happened I never noticed any lights going on.

I am uncertain. I got the car used in 2018. So it has to be at least that long. I’ll have it checked out sometime within the next two weeks.

There was a class action settlement for the continuously variable transmissions in many Nissan vehicles but I believe it is too late in your case.

That should be avoided. If the transmission fluid temperature has reached a very high level the computer will elevate the ratio and limit engine power. You will experience a higher engine speed and a reduction in power. The transmission oil cooler should be inspected for debris/blockage.

My first experience with CVT slippage on 2012 Altima was indeed connected to high-temperature conditions.
I drove 300+ miles that day, with close to 100 F outside and somewhere after 2 hours I’ve noticed the “famous” whining CVT noise.
Reduced speed help a little bit, but noise returned quite soon and that was how I’ve got home.
Replacing CVT fluid also helped, but noise returned in around 20K miles, at which point I concluded I do not feel lucky and traded that ticking bomb.