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Possible transmission problem

i have a 2005 nissan altima sl with 84000 miles. i have noticed a slippage in shifting the gear between 2nd & 3rd. is this a sign that the transmission is going out? I also heard this could be a sensor problem. thanks for responding!

worried owner!

You SHPOULD be worried; and take it to a good transmission shop right away. When a transmission malfunctions, it’s important to STOP driving it, and get it fixed. The difference could be a small bill or a new transmission, which for a Noissan is a lot of money.

Manual or automatic transmission? If it’s a manual the slippage could indicate a worn clutch.

If it’s an automatic you should IMMEDIATELY check the transmission fluid level. If the fluid has never been changed now is a very good time to do it. If you’re lucky that will solve your problem. If it keeps slipping you’ll have to consult an automatic transmission specialist. If this becomes necessary do NOT go to a big national chain shop. Find an independent.