2000 new beetle beeping noise right rear wheel well

My beetle has been beeping for some time now but recently has gotten much louder. The sound seems to be coming from the right rear wheel well. As soon as I turn the car off it starts the beeping and continues for a long time. I have taken it to the dealer twice and they don’t hear the beeping. I believe they don’t hear it because they didn’t follow my instructions to drive it first. Any suggestions on what this could be. Thank you.

Is your fuel fill on the right side? The only thing I can think of that might be making that noise would be the vapor recovery system venting. Next time try removing the fuel cap and see if it quits?

BTW what is a “long time?” For some people that would be 10 seconds for others it might be a couple of hours.

Thank you. I’ll try that. It’s been doing it for about three months. It has gradually gone from barely audible to very loud.

If that works, you can try replacing the gas cap.

VW’s have a emissions pump system that keeps running after you’ve shut off the car.basically it purges all of the air in the tank,runs it through a condeser(of sorts)and puts it back in the fuel circuit~it just makes a lot of weird noise,my Golf makes more of a “thump,bump,clunk” type of sound.it’s no cause for alarm.

also as Mr.Meehan suggested,if your gas cap IS defective/leaking air into your fuel system-it will activate your malfunction indicator light(check engine).

I finally heard the noise again and took off the gas cap. Sure enough, it stopped. When I replaced the gas cap it started making the noises again after about 30 seconds. I will try replacing the gas cap. Thank you all for your suggestions. I appreciate it.