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The mysterious gas pedal "Peep"

I finally have a truck! And it works!

My 2016 Sierra 1500 4x4 has been a dream since I got it about a year ago. I am finally starting to turn it into the adventure-mobile i have always wanted.
In the last few weeks or so however I have been hearing a mysterious “squeak” in the cabin. I hear it mostly when I am driving on the highway and I add a little more gas. Or when I back off and then accelerate again like in light to moderate highway traffic. I have also heard it when in cruse controle under the same circumstances (like the computer adding more gas going up a hill). The noise seems to be coming from the back right of the cab (a cab-and-a-half style) and sound like a baby chicken going “peep”. I have a hard time reproducing it and it is always a single “peep” when it happens.

It has started to get cold recently and I have recently had an aluminum truck cap installed.
Is this something I should investigate? or is it a turn up the stereo kind of problem?

I would say that if no other symptoms occur, and this one gets no worse, fuhgeddaboudit.

You’re gonna need a tech to actually hear it to figure out what it is I expect. Fuel pumps and fuel injectors can make a sound sort of like that, although I’d describe tha as more of a high pitched whine, squeal, or a buzz. If you have ABS brakes , could be that too, although ABS is often described more as “rumbling” sounds. As it seems to occur during acceleration, more likely the first two than the latter.

Did this start after you put the topper on? If so, first thing i’d do is take it off and see if it the noise goes away.

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Suspension system could cause that too. During acceleration the front of the truck goes up and the rear down, so maybe that movement is causing a squeak somewhere. I’d guess a strut or bushing.