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2000 Mercedes A190 car sEATS

The seats on my Merc A190 are grubby. I bought some generic seat covers but when I removed the seats to cover them, I discovered there is a lot of plastic parts attached to the seats. I guess I could cover the plastic but it would not look good. Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the plastic garnishing (without destroying them) and if so, HOW? I can’t see any screws holding them on or any fasteners. I would really appreciate an answer telling me how to get the plastic off.

The A190 is not available in the USA. Answers to your question may need to come from elsewhere. Pick a forum:

My question is, if the seats are just dirty, why not get some good upholstery cleaner and clean them up? (Perhaps your meaning for ‘grubby’ is different from mine.)

Looks like a nice little car.

Thanks MG, Problem is that there is also a cigarette burn hole in one of the seats