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My boyfriend drives a 2005 Mercedes CLS550 with black leather seats; the ones with those little holes that, I’m told, make them “breathable”. So, I (the front passenger) had on a pair of high heels the other evening. A sudden moment of swerving occurred, and I curled myself into the fetal position by pulling my knees toward my chest…and my shoes onto the seat. Apparently I was more startled and acted less gracefully than I would have intended, because it was then necessary to forcefully extract the heel points from the seat itself, in which two new holes are now poked. My boyfriend does not consider this enhanced venting. What is our best option to repair and/or replace the seat cover?

Leather repair guys can perform miracles at minimal price. Try a furniture store for their recommendation. That is sure a better story than sitting down with a screwdriver in my back pocket and poking a hole in the new leather couch.

This is a bit of money. But you could try a salvage yard. This leather is hard to repair. Those little holes make it breathe but the BF may actually want a real unrepaired seat skin. On the other hand he could discount your cost by how good those shoes looked on you.

Its a 2005, old enough not to care anymore of such mishaps. Its a disposable consumer product.

It’s a 5 year old car that still probably costs more, used, than some brand new cars. Hardly a disposable product.
If this was a Chevy or Mazda, I could see, but a Mercedes is not something one simply discards(except after a lease :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’d start with an automotive upholstery shop. If you want to go into shock, take it to a Mercedes dealer. They’d probably want to replace BOTH seats so the leather is a perfect match. A good upholstery person will know how to remove the original cover, patch it properly and blend it in from the inside so it’s either not noticeable or or doesn’t show at all.

If your BF has comprehensive insurance on the car and the repair cost is really high, see if he can put in a claim to offset the cost without raising his ins. rates. He could tell the agent that vandals in stiletto heels walked on his seat. . . errr, so-to-speak ;>)

High-maintenance women and high-maintenance cars, they go together. It’s just the normal cost of living in the fast lane…