2000 mazda b 2500 blower resistor


the resistor is under the hood.

when i removed to old one, the real problem is that (since it is exposed to elements) it was corroded onto the plug. i had to cut the old resistor off, to pry out the plug.

after cleaning it up, and reassembling it i realized that this is just going to happen all over again.

can / should i seal the wiring connections with silicone? or some other way to try to keep out the moisture? this seems to be a really dumb idea to have a resistor outside exposed to the elements.

aren’t they usually under the dash?


A lot of the resistors are on the inside of the cab.

You could use some silicone to seal the plug or you may want to try using some plumbers putty to seal the areas around the plug.


Watch out, the resistors can get quite hot.