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Heater blower motor

Our 2000 Dodge Caravan has a problem with the heater blower motor. It will only work on high speed, is there a fuse or something I could check?

Your blower motor resistor is shot. It’s a $20 part at Napa.

Thank-you I will check that out

How easy is this to replace?

It’s located in the blower motor housing under the dash. It’s held into the case by a couple of screws, and it has a plug-in connection.
Most of them are fairly accessible without a lot of dismantling.

Thank-you again

I’m on my third blower motor resistor; same symptoms as yours with a GM brand, only high speed available. These resistors are exposed to salty mist inhaled from the air intake during winter. I saw corrosion on the terminals of the last failed resistor so I coated the new resistor solder joints with epoxy to insulate them from water. So far it’s OK but needs more time. If you care to do this too, post later if you never have to buy another resistor.

You do have to be careful handling the thing when you’re putting it in, especially if it’s in a somewhat difficult place. The little wire coils are pretty fragile and because they usually get red-hot even accidentally bending them a little bit or getting them dirty can cause the coil to melt through.

Another good coating option for exposed connections is RTV silicone silastic.

One added suggestion: the ones in my pickup and my Camry both used Torx (sp?) srews. They have a star like receptor on the head. I’d suggest before twisting yourself up like a pretzel under the dash that ypu get a set of varied types & sizes of screw driver heads. You can get an inexpensive one at discount tool stores.

And a good worklight…