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2000 Maxda B300 Pkp Speedometer stopped working, etc

All at the same time the speedometer stopped working; the ABS light came on; The Overdrive light is flashing; and the transmission shifts very rough.

Sorry, it is a B3000 pickup, 2WD, Automatic, 6 cylinger

Are we talking about a Ford Ranger with a Vulcan engine? I have herd that a defective, or out of adjustment transmission range selector AKA neutral safety switch could cause problems that you mentioned.

Also the speed/distance sensor could be the culprit, or loose wire/plug connection.

i have the 2000 b2500 2wd, 4cyl. manual trans.

i had this happen last year. the rear axle speed sensor went. it cost $$108.00 at mazda. even though ford and mazda are the same, the ford place couldn’t find the part.

it took about 45 minutes to uunclip, and replace. the time was mostly used to figure out how to unclip the little plug, without destroying it. once i got it apart the new one clipped right in. i think it had one bolt to hold it into the axle hole (where it ‘reads’ the axle revolutions.)

I’ve got the same vehicle (2000 Mazda B2500), the exact same thing happened to me, speedometer and odometer cut out, ABS light came on. Speed sensor cost 27.50 at the dealership and it took about half an hour to unclip the little sucker without destroying it. One bolt holds it in, then it just pulls out cleanly. Solved all the issues.