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2000 Lincoln Town Car AC and fans don’t work

Ac and fans don’t work

So there’s no cold air coming out of the panel registers . . . ?

For that matter, it sounds as if there’s no air at all coming out of the panel registers . . . ?

Is the ac compressor even engaging . . . it should engage, even if the blower is faulty

but I’d say the first step is fixing the situation with the blower motor

Check the fuse(s)

If they’re good, use your test light to check for power at the blower motor

If power’s good, check for ground

It’s quite possible the blower resistor pack . . . or maybe some kind of a control module, because a Town Car probably has automatic climate control . . . is faulty

And if the ac compressor isn’t engaging, it’s probably due to a low refrigerant charge

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