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2002 Lincoln Towncar Trouble

The fan in my Towncar will not turn off. It’s seems to be stuck on high. The air conditioner is working well, it’s just the fan that won’t turn off or down. Any suggestions as to what it could be?

I think the climate control system in your Towncar uses an electronic speed control module to control the fan speed via a relay. The module is probably defective and most likely will have to be replaced.

Your Town car uses an electronic blower speed control module with a large transistor for variable speed control and a mechanical relay for the max speed setting. Either the relay has stuck closed or the transistor has failed shorted. Either way, the electronic blower speed module will have to be replaced. Unless the 2002 is different from the 2000, the electronic blower speed module can be accessed from under the hood. It is to the right of the blower motor and mounted such that most of it is in the air stream from the blower. There’s one big electrical connector on the module, and some of the wires from there go to the blower motor. You can’t miss it.
You can get the part pretty cheaply from a junk yard. I don’t know how much it would be new, but it wouldn’t hurt to call around and ask.

Disclaimer: There is a small chance that the problem is with the climate control head and not the blower speed module.