Thumping in Reverse

I hear and feel a strange thump while braking in reverse in my 2002 Lexus GS300. The slower I’m moving the more I notice the sound and the feeling. I had new brakes and rotors put on recently and it seems more noticeable than before. I had the brakes and suspension checked and I was told everything is tight. The engine mounts are not cracked according to the dealership. Any suggestions?

How about a bump on a tire? I have seen more than one

I added 4 brand new tires the same day I changed the brakes and rotors. The thumping only occurs while in reverse. It use to occur while backing out of my garage in the morning, but now it occurs whenever I drive in reverse and brake. I should say it only happens once just before I come to a complete stop.

No direct answer, just a plan of action, how about having a different shop take a look?

i’ll second this. I had a similar problem with my Civic a few years ago. Turned out a bolt on my driver’s side caliper had come off.