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2000 Jeep Cherokee A/C woes

The ac in my jeep comes on at start up just fine. After less than 10 minutes the compressor cuts out. While still driving, it will kick back on after 10 minutes or so. After a few minutes the compressor cuts out again. This will continue to happen as long as I’m driving. I replaced the high pressure cutoff switch to no avail. I was told it could be a PCM issue. Anybody with this problem? It’s a 4 litre straight 6.

I would suggest a stop at your local A/C shop (often they also do radiator repairs). They should have the experience and tools to quickly give you a good idea of what you are looking at and can tell you how much they would charge you to fix it.

The vehicle, and likely the A/C system also, is now 10 years old. Odds are the system has suffered some refrigerant leakage. (normal after this amount of time)

Refrigerant loss affects the high/low side pressures and any pressure abnormality could cause this kind of problem.
When it comes to A/C problems, checking the pressures should be Step 1 in my opinion.

I had a leaking schraeder valve on the low side. After replacing the valve and recharging the system it’s holding 35 psi. Thanks for the reply.