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A/C issue

2001 jeep cherokee limited 4x4 a/c issues

We recently took our jeep to the dealer to get the battery terminals fixed. they did that and while it was there they checked the starter too. we were having starting issues, corroded terminals were the problem. anyway, when we got the jeep back, now the a/c is not blowing cold. we called them and they said they never messed with it and it’s not their problem.

-the a/c blows air on all speeds

-when on the coldest setting, it blows warm air

-when on the hottest setting it blows hot air

-we checked the freon pressure from the low pressure and it was around 55psi being almost 100 degrees outside. it drops in the teens when the compressor stops

-the compressor kicks on but keeps turning off every 5 seconds or so, then starts up again

-we checked the fuses that we knew of and they looked fine

-we checked 1 relay thingy under the hood with the other fuses that activates the compressor and it makes clicking noises. we swapped it out with the fog light ones to see if it was bad but it was good b/c it kept clicking on and off

we’re lost, does anyone have a clue?


Bill from Plano

A compressor that cycles on and off every few seconds is often a sign of low refrigerant level within the system.

Just to add a little I suggest you don't try to add more refrigerant yourself.  Have someone who has the right tools and knowledge to do it safely and correctly.  If the problem returns don't just add more, find the leak first.