1988 Jeep Cherokee

I’ve got a Jeep Cherokee, when I got it, it wouldn’t crank (it was free) I got it to crank and tuned it up, even drove for a while. After it sat for 8 months, it’ll crank up and run for about 2-3 miles then shut down like it’s hot, crank back after a while and run another 2-3 miles and shut down again. Put in new thermostat and even radiator and purged the cooling system, with no help. Any ideas? Also, I want to use it for a deer camp vehicle (used only once in a while) what would be involved in changing from injectors to a carb? It’s a ford inline-6, 4-0 litre.

Try spraying some starter fluid into the intake when this trouble happens. If the engine fires up then you most likely have a fuel delivery problem. Perhaps a bad fuel pump relay. If the engine still doesn’t try to start then check for an ignition problem.

Hadn’t thought of that, it would let me know if it’s fuel related, Thanks