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2000 Honda Odyssey EX V6 Engine Tapping

Hi All,

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey EX V6, 140K miles, always serviced on time by an independent honda dealer, never low on oil.

during a recent trip, noticed a tapping noise at all rpm. doesnt get louder or softer with changing rpm; frequency of tapping proportional to rpm… valves tightened. noise lessened, but remained. then returned. otherwise, all performance is identical as it was… no change in mileage, pick-up, no codes, no anything. This has stumped two independent honda ase repair shops… both want to go on a fishing expedition to determine the source of the noise… so, left with the eternal question, fund the fishing, or stop throwing money at it, and buy new?

thanks in advance!

I conclude that since the valve adjustment affect the noise it is valve train related. I don’t know the valve train layout is, but is it possible to change the valve adjustment contact pieces (rocker arms,adjustment screws) possibly a distorted valve stem.

What areas do the mechanics want to fish in?

well, thats the thing, the 2000 odyssey v6 has a bizarre valve system… at least, that is my understanding… not true lifters… with an overhead cam / variable valve timing… but, they did say they felt around, and did not notice any flat spots on the cam i guess… so, i thought the next step was to pull the covers again, and start looking there… but… i do not have an ear for mechanic’s descriptions…