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2008 Honda Odyssey Right Engine Tapping Check Engine Light

2008 Honda Odyssey Right Engine Tapping Check Engine Light on. 173k miles.

Recently, a tapping noise began on the right (passenger) side of the engine. At first, we thought it was a loose rocker arm and were just going to do the work ourselves. It would go away the higher the RPM would rise. Idle = Tap, Drive = No tap. This was about 200 miles ago. We changed the oil last weekend, and now the check engine is on (constant) and the idle is rougher below 2000 rpm and the Maintenance Indicator Light alternates between constant on and constant blink. There is really nothing that would indicate why it blinks v. steady on.

We’ve done all periodic maintenance, changed the timing belt, etc. Syn oil every 4000mi. All filters per schedule, new plugs yearly after 100k.

Any ideas?

WAG: a problem with the VTEC mechanism in that cylinder bank.

Get the codes read, and we’ll all have a better idea of what’s going on.

Thanks. Multiple p3xx codes all read 1-6 random spark plug misfire. I’ve read it could be anything from an bad emission sensor valve to a crank position sensor. I replaced the plugs last year (less than 20k).

All cylinders misfiring at random means the problem is common to all of them. So you’d be looking at something like the crank position sensor, cam position sensor, ignition module, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulation problem, something like that. Could be something else, that’s where to start. A first guess, a faulty crank position sensor, ignition, or igniter module. After that a fuel pressure test and compression test. This is the type of problem where a Honda-knowledgable shop tech w/a Honda scan tool can be the quickest path to a solution.

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