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2002 honda cr-v running high on RPM

my cr-v is running high on rpm is something wrong with suv or is it normal at 70000 miles

It is certainly not normal - so yes, there is something wrong. Was that the question? If you want some suggestions about what might be wrong then you’ll need to give a much better description of the problem. Presumably you mean higher than it used to be, but what is “high”? Are you talking about high at idle? Revving high before/during/after shifts? Higher than it used to at cruising speeds? There’s nothing in here to go on.

As cigroller said, most of the necessary details are missing from the original post.

For instance–automatic trans or manual trans? If this situation is taking place at highway speeds with an automatic, that indicates slippage, necessitating a trip to a transmission shop (NOT AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or any other chain). If it is taking place at highway speeds with a manual transmission, then the clutch is the likely culprit. But, if this is taking place when the engine is idling in neutral, then I am barking up a couple of wrong trees.

As cigroller asked, what are the actual circumstances? We could go on all day with random speculations until vin173 decides to fill in the missing information.

thank you for the reply yes it’s automatic and it’s running higher than before i have noticed at speed 35-45 mph. the rpm is over 2.5 where it used to be around 2 or below before. i think my 3rd gear is not shifting quick.

My first guess would be - yes - that it is hanging in 2nd gear. Does it eventually upshift? And is that shift harsh - does it bump into gear? What happens in other speed ranges? Is everything else normal (operating as it always did?)

Check your transmission fluid for level and condition.