2000 Honda Accord Sdn - Where can I find one

Where can I get a brand new 2000 Honda Accord LX? My current car is nearing the end of its life and I just want exactly what I’ve had these last 19+ years.

This has to be a Joke post !

no joke. I want a brand new 2000 Honda Accord.

It doesn’t exist Randy. Curious why you think you could buy a new 19 year old car.

Take your present vehicle to a Restoration shop , leave about $30000.00 to $40000.00 on the counter and wait about 3 to 4 months .

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This post has me thinking back to why GM doesn’t build the '63 split window 'Vette new again. Or Ford the first generation Mustang. We can’t get you a new 2000 Accord, but if you are looking for a replacement you can find it here at BestRide. Our partner site.

Lots of things I wish I had as they were 19 years ago…

Well, you aren’t going to get one. What’s your second choice?

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I bought a Honda Accord EX V6 in 2005 and replaced it with a 2017 Accord EX-L 4-cyl. I like the new one better, much better. Have you driven newer Accords and like the older ones better, or do you just like the 2000 a lot? If it’s the latter, give the new ones a try.

Because neither will pass emissions, crash testing, have ABS, fuel injection (yeah the Vette did, but mechanical) and the cars are really FAR worse in actuality than in our memories! Well, Ford did make an attempt with the 2005 Mustang with its retro styling.

You can build early Mustangs, Camaros, E-type Jags, Minis, 55-57 Chevys, Ford Model T’s, A,s and B,s with complete reproduction bodies, frames, trim and such. The most popular cars have all this stuff available but are built wilth modern conveniences.



Just 3 examples, all well into the 6 figures to purchase. Recent laws passed allows small volume manufacturers exemptions from crash testing while building up to 325 or fewer replica vehicles per year. A replica is a design that is 25 years or older.

Yes, yes, yes, one of my first calls when I win the powerball, after my lawyer and accountant, will be to Revology.

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Some people have a very difficult time adapting to change.
Several years ago, we had a thread from “Otterhere”, lamenting the fact that nobody was continuing to build “the perfect car” (in her mind…), a '90s vintage Geo Metro.
When I suggested that she had difficulty adapting to change, she admitted that reality.

I remember her. She’s not crazy, because she understands that about herself. We can refer to her as eccentric.

But, she was also not a savvy consumer.!
Part of her rant was about the “inferiority” of the Toyota Yaris, as compared to the old Geo Metro/Suzuki Swift. Among her complaints was that she didn’t like the Yaris’s upholstery pattern, and she also disliked the Yaris’s ride quality. Upon further probing, it turned out that she had been looking at 4-door Yarises, but-sight unseen-- and without a test drive–she bought a 2-door model, which is a substantially different car.

Eccentric is a big tent, and that fits well into it.

Today’s new cars contain FAR TOO MANY COMPUTERS and all I want is is car I can drive, change the oil in easily (thanks to the Subaru engineers who moved their filters to the top of the engine compartment!) and doesn’t have lights and flashers everywhere for low tire pressure, seat belt switch failures that don’t affect seat belt performance, constant reminders of low fuel, etc. etc.
Just a car. simple radio. easily maintained filters and fluids.

Today’s cars are far too complicated and far too expensive for me. Make it simple. Make it efficient. Lower the cost–upfront and over time.

I don’t think I can buy a new 19 year old car, I want a new simple car today. If there were an unsold 2000 Honda Accord LX somewhere I’d like to track it down. If it were even simpler than my 19 year-old car that would be even better!

Find the lowest lease payment and vehicle you like with full warranty and just do that every 3 years and you will not have to worry about problems .

Todays vehicles don’t need as many oil changes as in the past so I don’t see that as a major concern .

Expensive ? There are many fine vehicles on the market that in today’s dollars that are less costly than your Accord was in 2000 .

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Unfortunately, you are chasing purple unicorns if you want a new car sans electronic devices. All I can suggest is that you look at really low-end new cars, because the cheaper the car, the fewer electronic devices it will have.
The Mitsubishi Mirage is designed for consumers in 3rd World countries, so it will be very “bare bones”. It will also be very short on creature comforts, but everything in life is filled with trade-offs.
Sincere good luck in your quest.

Randy, The government won’t let such a car be built today. Besides, a 2000 Accord had a number of computers inside the car already. Didn’t know that? Surprise! You are asking for a computer controlled car even though you say that is not what you want.

Even if you restore, or even find a low mile 2000 Accord… parts will be hard to find thus making it hard to service, not easier, and an accident would make it impossible to repair since Honda no longer makes every part for 20 year old cars.


This from a person who may be using one to post and probably has a Smart phone plus other modern devices .