2007 Honda Accord Sdn - Which is a good pick?

I have a 2007 Honda Accord Sedan LX. It has 148,495 miles. Been a good car. I am wanting an expert opinion (yours) on buying a new car for a recommendation. I am 72, car is paid can pay $30,000 for new to see me til I can’t drive any longer. I see some Consumer Report top picks Toyota Corolla, Avalon and Subaru Legacy all rate good in this size car. I do not see a Honda Accord. Any American cars good? I want to see what your advice would be for an update.

New vehicle , forget what anyone thinks . Just buy what fits your budget that you like and it will have a warranty so there is your piece of mind.
Go to as many manufacture web sites as you can find and use the build it yourself feature . That way you can see all the trim and option levels plus prices.


The Accord and Camry are both made in America from almost all American parts, so feel free to buy American and opt for one. However, having tested all of the cars in this discussion, I strongly suggest you try a crossover. There are so many advantages for folks 70+. Easier to enter and exit, better sight lines, equivalent fuel economy to sedans, and just so much more practical in terms of cargo. The RAV4 and CR-V are Toyota and Honda’s offerings. You may also like the Mazda CX-5, though that one is imported from Japan. All of these are well equipped at $30K. Let us know what you opt for!

Beyond new, look at Certified Preowned. These vehicles also offer a manufacturer’s warranty. American companies make some very good cars, some better than others. Bear in mind that American companies are generally moving away from sedans like the Accord. BTW, the Accord is an excellent vehicle and I wouldn’t hesitate to own one. In fact, I’d buy one before I’d buy a Subaru but that’s just me. As far as American cars, Chevrolet is still making the Malibu.

The car is just broken in?

Why would you want to buy a new one?

My 97 Accord has 220,000 miles on it and is still going strong. The AC still works!

I’d keep driving it until it starts displaying major problems.

And maybe by that time, you’ll have saved more money to buy an even nicer car.

That’s what I’m doing!


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… as is the higher-rated Legacy.
Just be sure to opt for the Legacy’s turbocharged engine in order to have excellent merging power, coupled with very good fuel economy.

The new Accord would be a great pick for your new car as well, There are other great options but take a test drive in a few cars then decide.

Why do you want a new car? If you are concerned about your current car, you might rethink that. You probably don’t drive as much as you used to, probably less than 5000 per year. You could keep it for another 10 years at that rate and just reach 200,000 miles.

If you just want a new car, that’s fine too. You’re old enough that you can spend your money on anything you like.

My recommendation is that there are only two times when it makes sense to trade in a car which runs well, and is in good condition: if you need a different size or type of vehicle, or if someone else is paying for it. At all other times, it makes sense to keep what you have, and save your money. Also, 150,000 miles in not much for a Honda from the 1990s or 2000s.

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