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2000 Honda Accord Problems

I have a 2000 honda accord. v6. 148,000 miles.
For a few years now my car has been doing this thing where I start it, it shakes, then shuts off. I have to rev the engine for awhile to get it to start. I’ve taken it in at least 5 times and nobody can figure it out. It happens sporadically (seems to be more so when I’m running errands so starting and turning it off a lot). It may happen once every few months, maybe twice in one week.
Now, I recently got an oil leak. Replaced valve cover gaskets, which I was told the main source of the leak and originally they thought the oil filter housing was leaking but it’s the oil pump. And that’s gonna be pricey.
Any ideas what’s causing the first problem? Is it something that will one day leave me stranded? Is it worth replacing the oil pump on this car, given the first problem?

The fuel pump would be my guess. You could hook a gauge to the fuel rail and check the pressure or a mechanic if it is easily reproducible.

I have the same year car and engine. Do you have the check engine light on? if yes, consider reading the codes. I would venture to guess that you have an old EGR valve needing replacement and also a cleanout of all the carbon deposits. you tube has a good procedure diy. good luck.

Knfenimore, that was my first assumption since I rev the engine and it works. But…I’ve had the fuel pump checked!

Gdawgs, ill look into that! Thx!

Its not the oil pump but the oil pump seal. Thats a $10 seal with $400 labor cost, but, if you haven’t had the timing belt changed in the last seven years, you can combine this with the timing belt service and save a bundle. You car is actually due for the second timing belt change in 2014 or late 2013. It has to be changed every 7 years even if you haven’t reached the mileage limit.

You should get the timing belt service done at a dealer, they usually have a special price on this service that is competitive with independent mechanics and you will be getting it done by someone with plenty of experience doing this job. The dealer will charge somewhere around $750 or a little more if you are in a high cost area. They will include the water pump, balance shaft belt, balance shaft seal, cam seal, crank seal, serpentine belt and coolant. The oil pump seal is only $10 more.

But if you are not losing a lot of oil, you can put off doing the seal until the timing belt is actually due. Just check the oil level when you buy gas and add a quart when it goes below the lower mark.

These engines are prone to leaking oil from the o ring on the distributor. This is a $3 o ring that takes a mechanic about 10 minutes to change (plus the time to go get the car from the parking lot, put it back and clean up after the job so about a half hour all together. I say this because they thought the valve covers were leaking and a leaking distributor will look like the oil is coming from the valve covers or even rear main seal.

As for your starting problem, if it is always a hot start that you have this issue, you may have a leaking injector. If you have a check engine light on, go to a car parts store and ask them to read your code, this is free from most of them, except in California where they are not allowed to.

Thanks so much Keith! Very helpful.

If things don’t work out with my current boyfriend I swear, I will only date a mechanic next.

If you’re saying that the engine runs ragged for X number of seconds after a startup and it straightens itself out somewhat quickly that could point to an Idle Air Control Valve problem or a lack of residual fuel pressure.
The latter would be more likely if the ragged running continues even after the accelerator pedal is depressed. The former would be more likely if the engine smooths out after depressing the pedal.

These cars are also under a Recall for the ignition switches with the symptom being random stalling and so on. If this Recall has never been performed previously you can have it done at any Honda dealer free of charge. Ask that any other outstanding Recalls be done at the same time.
They’re all free of charge so take advantage of it.

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" Most are torn between being a psychopath or leading a life as a hermit deep in the Himalayas… :-)"

@ok4450, I take offense at that. I’ll have you know I’m happily married with two lovely kids, go to social events and sporting events all the time and only think about killing and burying my customers a lot less with the new meds. :wink: