2000 Honda accord EX v6

Engine light is on, Auto Zone has given me a code of P1491 it mentioned open or short curcuit condition, poor electrical connection, failed EGR valve. There are times when I push on the gas or break the car hesitates and gives a little jerk.

Replace the EGR and remove the battery negative terminal for 10 minutes. This should clear the code.

Why would you want to BREAK the car? Oh wait, you meant BRAKE the car.

i have the same issue…replaced egr and left off neg battery…still have problem. it happens more on humid days, I live in central fl. any suggestions?? i’ll be driving and trying to maintain a speed and all of a sudden it loses its speed and plummets like its not getting gas. then I gun the gas and it goes like a rocket, relieving the ‘stuck’ issue…my car coded the same as yours p1491 and it also coded p0171-fuel metering too lean…did you get yours fixed?

Replacing the EGR is one method(hopefully) however typically the entire intake is clogged up with carbon. There a tiny passages that simply need to get scraped/cleaned once it is all removed.