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2000 honda accord check engine light

92,000 miles original owner has done all oil changes and much of maintenance myself. Check engine light came on put gas cap on and off, and due to that the light stayed off for 1 day. Now the light came back on for 3 weeks. Code P1456 ? saturated fuel canister = fine. What should I do?

How do you know the problem is a saturated fuel canister? Googling P1456 indicates it is sort of a general unhappiness with the fuel system code – often caused by a loose gas cap.

What I’d do is:

  1. Google P1456 and read all the stuff you can find on the code.

  2. Invest in the least expensive code reader you can find and check that you are still seeing P1456. You’ll be really annoyed if you find out after weeks of dinking around that an O2 sensor has failed also, and that is causing your Check Engine light. (Odds are that the code reader will work with your next car if it isn’t a Ford or GM product).

  3. Your new code reader should allow you to clear the code. You probably can also do that by pulling a fuse for a few seconds, but identifying which fuse is not easy. Clear the code and see how long it takes to come back. That should give you a better feel for whether the problem is solid or intermittent. Keep in mind that the ECU may not turn the light on until it has seen problems on several starts or several drive cycles. And it may not turn it off immediately when problems go away.

  4. I’d try a new gas cap before I had any expensive work done. It could be something as simple as a deteriorated gasket on the gas cap.

I suggested a way for the backyard mechanic to check for leaks on the gas tank and hoses to it. No one responded; so, I don’t know if it worked. Here’s the method: Get a smoke bomb from a novelty store (etc.). Run a tube from the smoke bomb. Place the tube into the gas tank filler neck. Duct tape over the tank filler pipe opening and around the tube to seal it. Release the smoke into the gas tank. Observe the gas tank and hoses for any smoke that may be coming out.
Inform us of results, if any.

Yes indeed ! I put a new gas cap on but the check light remained on. I learned that the computer needs to be reset. Rather then search for the specific fuse, I simply disconnected the battery for ten minutes. The check engine light has remained off !!!