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2000 Honda accord distributed advice

I got an msd distributer and I was woundering can I use on blaster or carb cleaner to clean the inside. It has green build up on the electrodes. I need some advice and I got the timeing belt on top dead center and it’s fireing on number four please help.

Green buildup is copper oxide. Blaster and carb ceaner won’t touch it. It needs abrasive cleaning, which would be a waste of time…it would erode the surfaces to where they’d either have no contact, resistive contacts and/or erode much quicker the next time. It’s toast.

I’m unclear on the timing blet question. Are you saying you have the timing MARK for the #1 cylinder on the damper pulley lined up with the timing mark on the stationary reference piece and the #4 cylinder is firing? Perhaps it’s 180 degrees out of phase. The timing mark comes around twice in the cylinders cycles, and only on one of those occasions should the plug fire.

And, I have to ask, are you sure you’re looking at the #4 cylinder and not the #1 cylinder? This is an I4 configuration.

Chris, I have to be honest, I respect your courage and your adventurers spirit, but I’m becoming concerned that in doing the things you’re doing without understanding the technology better you may be ruining the car. I recall from the other post a list of mods and am wondering of this is where your problems are originating.

Your right I don’t know to much but my dads helping me on this project.

I’m pretty sure I’m looking at the number one on the distributer but the rotary button pointing at number four.

You are using an MSD aftermarket distributor? There is green gunk in WHAT terminals? Where the spark plug wires go into the distributor cap? If so, you need to replace the distributor cap. It might be possible to remove the corrosion with a Drimel tool; and, then, stuff the towers with dielectric grease. But, why?
Instructions for the (factory) distributor:

At TDC the rotor will point to #1 or #4. If you turned the engine one rotation, the rotor will point to the other one. If you just put the distributor in, take it out and put it in right. You have to have the #1 cylinder at TDC at the end of the compression stroke. Did you just change the timing belt? You have to tell. You are saying that the rotor is pointing to the #4 plug wire position and not to the #4 cylinder aren’t you? If you put the distributor in again, it may not go in all the way, at that time, don’t force it, turn the engine until it drops into the oil pump drive. then you can proceed. Your engine might not be set on TDC unless the instructions say that it is on TDC when you changed the belt. Can you see the timing marks?