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2000 chrysler sebring oil leak repair help

Hey guys, so im going into this already with a bit of research but im just posting here to be sure. My sebring has oil leaks and their coming from the camshaft and crankshaft gaskets. Im going to take on this repair myself as the mechanic shop is going to charge me a lot of money otherwise, almost half of what the car was worth. Im going to replace the timing belt too as it is probably old and covered in oil. When I work around the Camshaft and Crankshaft what precautions do I need to do in order for it to not mess up the timing? I heard all i needed to do is use a tool to hold the sprocket in place while I loosen the bolt. Do I need to reset the timing afterwards? Do I need to do this with the crankshaft as well? If I do mess up the timing, what do I do to reset it? Iv seen different videos saying I need to align the notches on the camshaft after I put the sprocket back on to TDC and iv seen videos that just simply dont state that. Id rather not have to replace my valves, any information is helpful.

My 97 Accord with over 210K miles started leaking oil out of the front crank seal. Since it’s not due for timing belt service for another 60K miles, I added this to the oil.

So far, no leak.


the problem is I dont know how old this timing belt is but when I replaced the serpentine and power steering belts a year ago they were dry cracked and brittle indicating the timing belt is probably on its way out, I honestly think its never been replaced on this car

In that case then, I suggest that you spend the $20.00 for a one month subscription here.

You’ll get all the information you’ll need to replace the timing belt, along with any requirements for special tools to do the job.