2000 Honda Accord is destroying distributors

Any ideas about what would be destroying my 2000 honda Accord’s distributors? I’ve replaced the distributor three times in the past 6 months and they are being sheared off at the place where the distributor goes into the engine.

FYI- have replaced the entire distributor, rotar, wires, etc, each time.

Who is installing these distributors? I think your best bet would be to visit a good independent mechanic to have the problem completely checked out. I think the culprit could be the cam drive for your distributor but it’s merely speculation at this point.

Maybe a sludged up engine which is leading to lack of lubrication for the distributor shaft.

Are these new distributors or remans?

I’d take a look at the cam shaft/bearing.

The distributor is keyed only one way onto the camshaft. If the camshaft is no longer spinning concentrically but instead eccentrically, over time this puts a stress on the thinner distributor shaft causing it to shear off.


Thank you! I’ll check the cam shaft!