2002 Pontiac Firebird - Service required, but what?

A light shows up saying :

We change the oil, ALL fluids are OK. - any idea?

Thanks in advance !!

I had something similar on a 2000 Cavalier. The “Service Required” light was there to indicate nonmechanical problems. Turned out I had a headlight out.

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Thanks Dave,

What can it be, my friend ? - Doesn’t shows on a scanner [ gives NO code at all ] - Everything looks OK. [ like headlights, rear lights, marker lights, etc. ]

Thanks a bunch, be safe and if you come out with any suggestions, they will be very welcome !!

Again I appreciate your value time

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I dunno. It took me a while to figure what was going on with my Cavalier. It might not be anything obvious. I guess it could be a service reminder of some kind. There’s a similar light in my Corolla that comes on every 5k to remind me to rotate the tires. I use it as an oil change reminder. Check your Owner’s Manual and see if there’s anything you should do at about your current mileage.

As Dave indicated, it could be a reminder light that needs to be reset after the oil change. Check your owners manual.


Hey, thanks so much for your contribution !! - For the oil . . . . . the light reads : "CHANGE OIL " - As soon as you change the oil the light, goes away !!

Thanks for your time !! - Be safe !!

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Looks like I was right the first time. From page 2-97 of your Owner’s Manual:

Be patient, keep looking, and good luck.

The service manual gives a little more info, but not much.

The IPC illuminates the SERVICE VEHICLE indicator when one of the following occurs:

  • DTC B0670 sets in the SDM module.

  • The PCM detects certain non-emissions related malfunctions.

  • The IPC detects a loss of class 2 communications with any other module.

DTC B0670 is set when the IPC detects a failure in the AIR BAG indicator during the bulb test. The cluster will only detect an open AIR BAG indicator. Does the AIR BAG indicator illuminate when the ignition is first turned on? It should flash 7 times during the bulb test. Note that this DTC will not turn on the CEL.

This vehicle has a separate OIL CHANGE indicator, which is easily reset with a button on the cluster.

Yeah that would be my guess but sometimes you have to go to the dealer to find out. On my Acura it will all you to reset the oil meter but for longer term items like air cleaners, the dealer has to use their computer to reset it.

Nope. My initial suspicion was correct. It indicates some problem that doesn’t involve emissions. What the problem might be is debatable. As @Bugmenot mentioned, it probably involves the airbags. Or it might mean Mercury is in retrograde for all I know. I do agree it’s probably time to give up and go to maybe a Chevrolet dealer or an independent shop that specializes in Pontiacs. All I can do is wish the OP luck.