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Electrical problems

I have a 2000 GMC Jimmy sometimes when I turn off the motor, the key won’t come out. Sometimes it is hours before I can get it out. Other times I can get it out immediately when the car is turned off??

I don’t think you have an electrical problem, but instead have a lock cyliner problem. I think a mechanic or a locksmith could easily replace the lock cylinder.

Do you have a lot of keys and things on your key ring? That can damage the lock, which sounds like it may well be the source of your problem. You may need the cylinder replaced. The extra weight can wear out the lock.

I can push the button repeatly on the floor shifter and eventually hear something click up in the steering column then the key turns off and comes out???

I think you can only remove the key in “Park”. There is a linkage between the floor shifter and the steering column and ignition switch. This linkage is out of adjustment. This is an easy fix.

where is the switch that is actuated when it is in park? Is it under the console or in the shifter handle? There has to be an electrical switch because it clicks in the steering column when it finally releases. This is so confusing for me!!

I suppose it could be an electrical switch. When youpush the button on the floor shifter, are you also moving the lever toward the Park position?

I move the shifter in all directions, but I hear the click when I push the button, not necessarily when moving the shifter. At that time,the key comes out. I do know the frequency of the episodes is increaseing and I find no similarities in when they occur. Probably since it is a used vehicle, I bought a lemon!!

I don’t think this problem makes your vehicle a lemon. If I am correct, you push the button on the shifter to move the shifter into the reverse or park position from the drive positions or from neutral. You also have to push the button if the shifter is in park so that you can pull it into another position. I think that this button operates a mechanical lock and is not electrical. That is the set up on my 1978 Oldsmobile.

I also believe that the key may only be removed when the shifter is in Park. This prevents one from turning the key to the lock position while driving down the road and locking the steering column. On my Oldsmobile there is a mechanical linkage going from the floor shifter to the ignition lock that won’t allow the key to be turned to the lock position unless the car is in Park. If your car has a similar set up, this would be a very easily adjusted mechanical rod. The click is not necessarily something electrical.

If there is an electrical switch and a solenoid that prevents the ignition cylinder from being turned to the lock position, this should also be a rather easy repair. The electrical switch down at the shifter may be worn or out of adjustment.

I had the same problem on my 1978 Oldsmobile that you are having. It was an easy fix.

I’m not sure how exactly your vehicle is set up, but I suspect you have a solenoid in your steering column to allow the key to be turned back to lock only when the gear selector is in park. That is probably the clicking you are hearing when you move the shifter, which I presume, is on the console in this truck (some were on the column). You may need to clean the connectors or replace the switch for the gear selector. It is under the vehicle, mounted on the driver’s side of the transmission. This will be the easiest place to start.