2000 ford windstar



driving down the road and chug chug die. Start it up again and it shuts it self off. so i cleaned air filter intake and sprayed starter fluid in there and it ran for about a week then same thing. I think it is a sensor some where that is shut down car. Could you help me?


Is the CEL on? Even if it isn’t take it to an auto parts store and have them retrieve the codes. Post them here in original format: P0123. Armed with this info hopefully we can help you.


Take the engine intake tube off, and clean the idle air control valve pintle and air passages with Throttl Body Cleaner and brushes. Clean the throttle body bore and plate, also (using brushes and cleaner).


as a matter of fact the CEL was on and then when this happened the light went out and it drove fine for about a week and then it happened again. this is when i cleaned the air intake with starter fluid to get it to start. This worked for about a week now same thing is happening but no CEL is on.