Starting problem

My car starts perfect when cold,but when you try to restart it after it has warmed up it trys to start and dies.You have to give it a lot of gas before it

smooths out.

What is your car or truck ?
There are a few places that you can start with, do you have a check engine light on ?
I would start with sensor that change signal after warm up and changes the fuel trim, such as temperature sensor for the engine coolant and air intake or O2 sensor, then move to electronics components that may be affected by temperature, such as ignition modules and so.
Please let us know the year, make, model, engine, auto/manual transmission, 4x4 or 4x2, general info on your ride.
Thank you.

A cleaning of the air intake, MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor), idle air control valve and passages, and throttle body should help. Use MAF Cleaner, and throttle body cleaner. Guaranties? None.