2004 Ford F350 - Turn signals - where to start?

The turn signals on my 2004 F350 work intermittently. What could be causing this problem,
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I had an 03 250, the right turn signal would not work when the steering wheel was tilted all the way down. Tilting it higher and whacking it a bit would fix it.

how so, like on- off- on- off- on- off?
That’s what they’re supposed to do! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Check all your T/S bulbs to be sure they are working. a burned out bulb can do silly things.

if an '04 still has a flasher, this could very well be the cause. As the flashers get older and worn out, they start to work intermittent. Turn the turn signal on, and search up under the dash for a little square or round module that clicks when you hear it. looks something like this:

If your Ford runs the flasher thru the ECM, then you may have a bad ECM.

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