2000 Ford F250

I have a 2000 F250 superduty (with a lumber rack - a real one, made out of steel). Right now I have 270k miles on it. And right now, it purrs, like the very large kitten it is. The most expensive repair I had was a couple of years ago when the intake manifold developed a vacuum leak. That was about $1800 to get repaired. I’ve been able to repair (myself) the pads and rotors, a short in the brake pedal switch wiring loom ( more by luck than design). The latest problem was getting the “readiness” monitors ( part of the smog system) to get ready. It took a year ( and yes I did -as best as I could, a drive cycle) for the last monitor to finally trip and I was able to pass smog. But other than that, it runs great, stops, and the brakes work. Should I keep it? I reeeally don’t want to get a new vehicle. I plan to keep working ( I have to build and pay for my pine box retirement plan) so what are your thoughts?

Are you still on the original automatic transmission, not been overhauled yet?

That could be the next big ticket item

Gasoline or diesel?