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Ford Focus 2000

I may want to buy a Ford Focus 2000 about $2000, I would like to know if there are any problem with that car.

Your best bet is to take the car to a mechanic to have a thorough going over. Once you’re at about 11 yrs old and probably really high mileage the most important things to know aren’t generic things about make & model.

I do think that the Focus set some kind of record for TSBs when it first came out though.

Although the Focus pretty much set the standard for how not to introduce a new model and had hundreds of TSBs and numerous recalls, if it is still running today, it will probably be okay for the rest of it’s useful life. '00-'02 Focuses had a lot of problems, but I think if it checks out with your mechanic as being a good bet for a decent used car, it will probably be okay.

I own one at 108K miles.
Expensive repaires coming up you may want to check if they have been performed or not:
100k+ miles, may need new shocks 500-$800
120k miles, need belts/water pump replacement 500-$800

Other than eating tires with the premium wheels, It’s pretty reliable for it’s age.

It took Ford about 5 years to get the kinks out of this car. If the one you are looking at has had all the recalls, and is in great shape, you should have a mechanic check it out.

This car, originally designed in England, where quality is less important, was an overall worse than average car, with drivetrain, suspension, brakes, fuel system, body and hardware all very much below average.

A friend of my wife leased one and drove the dealer crazy with all the recalls and fixes. She referred to it as a “do-it-yourself” kit with “some asembly required”.

As others mentioned, not even the 1979 Taurus (152 TSBs) had as many TSBs.

Buying this car is a lot like marrying someone with bad genes.

Correction: That should be the 1997 Taurus.