2000 honda odyssey 195K, should I keep it or sell it

should I keep and repair our old 2000 Honda Odyssey van (195,000 miles) or not? It is and has been such a reliable car and after taking it into the dealer for a quick oil change and “multi-point” inspection, they came back with thousands of dollars of repairs which I’m sure have been over priced (ie. $50 to change the wiper blades!) or are up charges. I’d really like an unbiased view of this 'multi-point" inspection and whether I should keep the car, what repairs are critical to the operation/safety of the car, and if I can do any of it myself with minimal experience. I’ve attached part of the report. I would appreciate any explanations you have time to give me.
Some previous history:
transmission replaced 2x at 96k- no problems or issues since then
power doors were fixed during the 1st year of ownership and no problems since
replaced tires and had major work done a year and a half ago to pass smog test needed to clean out valves $1300 of work. It has been driving in the last year about 1x month 300 miles SF bay area to San Luis obispo and no problems. really a workhorse. should I sell or keep? I feel it has lots of ride still in it especially if someone can maintain it for a fraction of what the dealer would charge.

What’s critical and are any of these DYI?

Failed items:
replace oil pump gasket $1550
replace rt front lower compliance bushing $560
replace left front lower compliance bushing
replace oil pan gasket
perform alighmnet $100
replace rt front sway bar link $108
perform power steering system fluid exchange service $130
perform brake system fluid exchange $130
replace front pads and resurface rotors 0 front pads at 2 mm $302

Caution items:
perform headlight restoration $100
replace alternator belt
replace windshield wipers $50
reseal power steering pump-found steering system seep $355
replace power steering return hose found steering system seep $100

Of the above, replacing the front pads is something I would do. Of the rest, I would consult with an independent honest mechanic, since some of these things appear either exaggerated or made up.

Keep in mind that the dealership will want to restore your car to new condition at your expense.

I have never heard of a “compliance bushing”, for instance.

The oil pump gasket may be a problem, but charging $1550 for just replacing a gasket seems excessive.

You could need an alignment as well.

Don’t sell the car until you get an honest and realistic estimate of what you really need. Then let us know.

Although it may.be a little inconveniet, I thinkyou will save money,and possibly get better work done by going to a shop that specializes in certain repairs. For alignment work,go to an independent alignment shop or possibly an independent tire shop. These places often do brake work. You can buy a kit to restore your headlight lenses and buy your wiper blades at an auto parts store or even WalMart and take care of these items yourself. I would get a recommendation for a good independent shop about your oil pump and oil pan gaskets.
Sometimes you have to watch independent shops as well. I had been doing business with the same independent for over 20 years. The shop has a different manager and the shop has been suggesting unnecessary repairs. I have now taken my business elsewhere.

A car with 200k miles is bound to have some oil “seeps”. I think those seeps can be ignored, but you could get another opinion from an independent shop. If you see a quarter or half dollar sized new wet drip mark on your driveway after parking overnight you might have a leak big enough to need repairs.

Any banging or clunking on bumps? If not and the front tire wear is even across the tread then I don’t think you have a significant front suspension problem.

The brake job sounds legit.

Brake fluid change, tranny fluid change, power steering fluid change all good things depending on when they were done last. Change intervals I like are every 3 years for brake fluid, every 50k miles for tranny fluid, every 10 years for steering fluid.

I think you can either ignore or defer just about everything except the brakes.

If you don’t have any evidence on the ground the leaks and seeps can be ignored. You probably need the brakes and the sway bar link. The wipers you can do yourself or advance and autozone will replace them free if you buy the blades from them. The fluid changes are up to you, some people never have them done.

All the work you do need , I would do myself or at an independent mechanic.