2000 ford f250 diesel front end work

My daughter lives north of Couer d’alene, Id. When she went in to have her snow tires put on the shop told her she needed new front end bushings and tie rod ends. Cost—$1100.00. This is a 2 wheel drive, man. trans. Is this a ball park figure for this repair?

Sounds like ball park if everything is done. You might not “need” every part. A common tactic to sell more. Get a second opinion from an alignment specialist.

Which “front end bushings” ?
There are four tie rod ends ( inner, outer, right, left ) at a total of $575.00 Ford list price.
You may replace just one or two.
Discounts can be had. ( wholesale about 460 - 430 )
Parts are also available at parts stores like Auto Zone, O’Reily’s, Car Quest etc.

There’s labor in that estimate too but with further investigation about which parts MUST be -vs- SHOULD be -vs- “may as well while we’re at it”, you might shave a few bucks by replacing less parts. But the labor may double if the other parts are needed later.