1987 Trooper- How much should it cost to replace the front wheel bushings (and I think bearings?)

I love my Trooper… and my mechanic showed me how the original front bushings are in need of replacement.
I think the upper & lower control arms are fine & we’re replacing the upper & lower bushings - About how much should this cost?

Depends if it is 4WD or not. If it is 4WD the job can be significantly more complex and subsequently more Expensive. Just an FYi…you can call any Pep Boys and they will give you a quote over the phone because they have a computer system that is setup to give service quotes very quickly. You could get a quote in minutes just by calling them.

I cant recall how the front hubs are setup on that truck even though I used to own one it was an 99’ TWO Door actually…which turned out to be rather rare. I wish I kept that buggy. I bought it just to flip however and its still motoring around town…I see it all the time.

Sorry I couldn’t give you a price range…I don’t know what other shops charge for anything really…unless the people tell me what price they are trying to avoid or do better than.


I presume you mean the front wheels, not the back. And this is a 4wd vehicle, right? And just the control arm bushings. The bushings themselves don’t cost much, $100 to $200 should cover both the right and left side for the parts. But expect a more substantial bill for labor. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this job take 8-10 hours. So my pin-head estimate is $900 to $1200 parts and labor. There will be an add’l charge for a needed front end alignment.

If wheel bearings need replacement too, that’s a separate job. If they do need replacement, this would be a good time to do it, as you’d save some labor cost.

Thank you both so much… Yes, 4wd, 1987, 4-door - feel much better about my mechanic’s estimate of $1,100 incl alignment. I’ll ask him about the wheel bearings - definitely happy to spend a little now to save on time & trouble & $$$ later.

I think I’ve replaced just about everything on this old girl over the last 10 years - she’s like a timex :slight_smile: I just like driving it & I don’t often see another one of this vintage, but when I do, both me & the other owner smile & wave like 6 yr olds…

Don’t spend more then you have to on a 28 year old vehicle. Just fix what is needed not wheel bearings.

Rust not an issue?

Good for you TrooperGirl for keeping your Trooper healthy & on the road. Those are great vehicles, and worth keeping in good condition.