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Sluggish acceleration/power

So I have a 2000 Toyota corolla ve. I added transmission fluid and motor oil to my car last Saturday. It starting acting sluggish and it acted like it didnt want to start. I drove it on the highway and I saw black smoke behind me. The next day, I let it start up for about 5 minutes, and it was still sluggish. I was told by a few mechanics and friends that it’s my fuel injectors and I needed to changed the injectors, the fuel filter and the pump. I was wondering could I change just the filter and the injectors without messing with the fuel pump??

Have you checked the oil and transmission fluid levels to make sure they’re right?

How much of each fluid did you add?

If its smoking that badly, there must be a check engine light, right? If there is, what are the error codes stored?

There is no check engine light on. After I went on the highway with it, it didnt smoke afterwards

I added 2 at of transmission fluid and 5 at of motor oil

Wow. If you were running the engine while it was five quarts low on oil, you undoubtedly caused engine damage in the process.

Have you checked the levels today?

That’s the thing, it wasn’t low on oil. I checked it. But now im getting it must be your fuel injectors or pump or filter

Now you’re confusing us. If it wasn’t originally low on oil, why did you add five quarts?

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Did you drain the old oil from the engine first?

The engine oil capacity is only 3.9 quarts.

The engine will be sluggish being 5 quarts over filled, you must drain the oil to the proper level.

I just wanted to top off all my fluids. I know sounds dumb and now i’m facing the consequences

All the oil got drained because i went and got an oil change today. Sadly, that didnt fix the issue

You probably fouled the plugs badly, but before anything else, get the extra fluid out of the transmission. Then change the spark plugs.

Did you use the right transmission fluid for your Toyota? If you did, you just need to get it down to he right level. If you didn’t, you need a complete fluid exchange for your transmission.

What do you mean by 'top off"? You added 5 quarts without doing an oil change?

I used the automatic transmission fluid made for Toyota. How often do spark plugs go bad? Also, if that’s the issue, then do I still need to worry about my fuel injectors and filter??

Yes. I know its stupid

If the Check Engine light isn’t on, there’s nothing wrong with the spark plugs.


So if I change the spark plugs, that could solve it?

Is the Check Engine light on?