2000 Dodge Neon Brake Light Switch problem

I have a bad switch on my 2000 Dodge

Neon, and I have been to the dealer, and three aftermarket auto places, the switch that they want to sell me, looks close enough, but the plunger length is off by @ 1/4 inch, it is too long.

The Dodge dealers did not even have a theory as to what I should do.

I figure there are some mechanics here

that have come upon this problem, and could

tell me what to do.



the plunger (as you call it) should be in a threaded hollow shaft. the “adjustment” is screwing a thin “nut” on the (wrong ) side of the shaft, to take up the required amount of play to adjust the switch to fit your brake pedal.

this may sound funny described this way, but the switches are for more than one car, and there are many cars out there (thus the need for a wide range of adjustment.)

your original switch (in all likely hood) probably has such a adjusting nut on it, or spacers.

assuming your brake light switch looks like this… or close http://www.autozone.com/R,NONAPP2931/store,5153/shopping/accessoryProductDetail.htm

No, my switch has no adjustments, just “snaps” into a square hole, in a fixed bracket above the pedal. No adjustments on the bracket either.

I have a spare Neon brake light switch in my garage. It’s from a 1995 Neon but I don’t think they ever changed this part over the production run. Yours for $5 plus shipping. Contact me at stevefle@earthlink.net

take the old one back to the dealership, and compare it to the one the computer says you should have.

then (politely) remind the parts guy that mix ups do occur, and since you have the one that came out, you would like one just like it. in all likely hood the switch you have is from either one model year before or after your car. you just have to make the parts guy dig for it. (and be patient)