Brakelight switch problem

72 chev c-10,brake light switch works when plugged in,but when mounted under dash,it doesn’t work. 5 yrs invested,out of ideas,help!

Doesn’t work??? Is it too lazy? Maybe it doesn’t feel appreciated.

Can you go to the when mounted under dash a little more?

Switch works when plugged in, but doesn’t work when mounted under dash? So you plug it in and the lights come on, then you press the plunger and they go out? Does the brake pedal arm press the plunger when released? Does the plunger extend when pedal pressed? Bad wire that’s good when you have the switch in your hand, but broken when switch is mounted?

Many have an adjustment to them. Some others require the plunger plate to be bent to adjust properly.

Also, there may be a defect in the old one you have, causing bad contact when installed. Been known to happen. Have you tried replacing it? Brake switches for a '72 should be cheap.

sorry it took so long to respond,but after all this trial and error…a solution, oem switches were white with a long plunger and when you click them ,they sound like an ballpoint pen. the ones that are sold at most of these auto parts store are black with a white plunger thats about half the size of oem and you will not hear them click, hence the problem, they hang up on heat and cold extremes, after looking around i found that napa auto parts are the only ones a different color and when you click,you hear that oem sound., so i hope this helps drivers of older gm products.