Dodge ram van starting issues

I have a 2000 dodge ram van 2500. When I try to start it, it takes several attempts before it fire. When it does start it sputters for a few moments then die.It seems like it is struggling to get either air or gas.

On one occasion since this started happening I was able to turn the key one time and it fired right up and ran smooth as could be.

On two other occasions I was able to get it to start and run smoothly after many tries and a lot of sputtering.

I was able to pull four codes:

p0443 evap emission control system purge valve c fault
p0743 torque converter circuit electrical
p0753 shift solenoid a circuit electrical
p1765 governor pressure not in range

After read up on these codes online it seems as if the all have solenoids and vacuum related to them.

Before I start the annoying tasks of trying to find a vacuum leak I can not hear or tracing down a bad ground which I will probably never find I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas or at least a good place to start.

One other note, the air filter is good and it might be my imagination but the exhaust smells really rich.

These codes all seem to indicate problems with the circuit to them. Whenever a code shows a circuit problem you should check the wiring to the sensor. Having numerous codes like this makes me think there is possibly a problem with the power going to those sensors that may be tied to a common source. If you want to work on this yourself you should really consider purchasing a factory manual for the vehicle wiring. Ebay is a good place to find them for a reasonable price.