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CRV with Whining Noise

2001 CRV 105,000 Whining noise like many cars make when backing up,when moving forward starting about 20mph.

According Honda Dealer Need to Replace Transmission for $3200 Ouch! Local Transmission Shop Suggest pulling transmission to see if problem can be identified and fixed by rebuilding. Starting Cost $500 but final Cost Uncertain. Looking for feedback on replacment vs rebuilding or other options.

Before having the transmission removed, try having the rear differential fluid changed. CRV’s are well noted for rear differential noise when the differential fluid breaks down.


I was thinking the same thing as Tester.
While the classic CR-V differential problems are usually heard in low-speed turning maneuvers, it is still possible that this noise is emanating from the center differential.

However, make sure that only genuine Honda Dual-Pump Fluid is used when changing diff fluid on a CR-V. There is an interconnection between the center differential and the rear diff on the CR-V, and draining and filling the rear diff will actually allow the center diff fluid to be changed in the process.

I think that a diff fluid change (with the correct stuff) is worth a try, in view of the cost of transmission repairs.