2000 Civic


I saw a survey of insurance companies today that claimed the 2000 Civic is in the top 5 for stolen cars in many states. It did not go into particular sub models like the Si, etc.

I don’t expect any car thieves to frequent this board, but is there anything special (mechanical or otherwise)about this year of Civic that makes it attractive to thieves?

Thanks in advance for all replies.


They can tear the car apart and sell it for spare parts. The engine out of an Si would be a bigger ticket item than say the one out of the DX model. Also, since it’s getting older, it’s getting cheaper, so the ricer crowd is starting to buy them up


It only means there is a high demand for the parts. Likely that is because there are lots of them out there and they are now 7 years old and a few things are starting to go bad.