How to protect a 2000 Honda from theft?

It is a 2000 integra with low miles. A month ago found the door unlocked and stuff taken away. They might have also tried to remove the after market car stereo even though the face plate was removed. Now they came again, and took some petty stuff over night. This time both front doors were unlocked. The car is parked in a complex parking lot and there are video cameras. Currently the car has just the Club lock. What are some additional security measures I can take to prevent the theft of the car? The parking garage is not lockable.

It’s not clear from reading this whether or not they unlocked the doors, or if they were already unlocked. If the latter, then obviously lock your doors. Another obvious suggestion - don’t leave anything in your car!

I apologize if this response sounds rude - that is certainly not my intent, but there’s nothing magic about preventing theft from your vehicle. Just don’t leave anything in there that can be stolen!

It doesn’t sound like they’re after the car-just valuables in it. As far as protecting your stuff, I’ve got to second KnnNike’s advice.

@sciconf are you leaving anything in plain sight?

If you are, you’re the one to blame for the break-ins.
I don’t leave anything even remotely interesting in plain sight.
The only thing I’ve ever left in plain sight was an old automotive textbook. I haven’t had a car broken in in almost 20 years.
My car is parked in front of the house.
And I don’t live in a good area.

Be glad that your car wasn’t damaged.

I like, sciconf, idea in keeping an auto repair book in plain sight. Could prevent a car from being stolen.

I hate my 2000 Civic. It doesn’t get broken into and of course it also hasn’t been stolen. Perhaps the I keep the interior very trashy and full of bicycle parts.

@longprime, I was reading the automotive textbook to study for an ASE recert
But I see your point. A car repair book in plain sight could imply that the car was not worth stealing.

" A car repair book in plain sight could imply that the car was not worth stealing". However, I would worry about someone stealing the repair book…

They are unlocking without damage to the car. Done it twice in two months.

I am still looking for ways to prevent the car from being stolen? Does a basic car alarm with hood lock help?

@Triedaq, apparently nobody’s interested in stealing my books.

I used to have 2 cars that were easy to break into, with the little pins you pulled up to unlock. Anyone with a coat hanger could open the doors. At that time my son had a summer job with an auto accessory store. He brought home some stickers for a very elaborate security system, which we prominently displayed on the windows. No breakins!

As other point out, don’t leave anything visible in the car that’s of any value. When you go to a public nature park, don’t put anything in the trunk either. A number of our fellow hikers have had their valuables stolen out of the trunk; these areas have long strethches of no pedestrians during the day when everyone is on the trails.

The most blatant breakin happened to a friend of mine who moved from Ohio to New York City. His sister already lived there, and there was a good opera playing at the Lincoln Center the evening he arrived in New York. My friend had his stereos and other valuable stuff in his Nissan 300Z. When the performance was over they found the car gutted and cleaned out in the Met parking area.

“. . . apparently nobody’s interested in stealing my books”.
@db4690–you weren’t on a college or university campus. I had a student who was epileptic. She had a seizure while walking to a class and when she came to, someone had stolen her textbooks. To me, this was one of the meanest thefts I could imagine.

some people are worthless plain and simple-cars arent secure and contrary to what others say you are not to blame if someone steals your stuff in plain sight in the car,but it is an invitation to take it.Thieves are worthless,if you are going to leave stuff in plain sight leave the doors unlocked at least that might keep your car from getting damaged- maybe invest in a trunk monkey,just kidding,shame you cant keep an Alsatian or pittbull in your car,you could probaly get a DNA profile off the severed limb-Kevin

Change the locks? It may be that they somehow obtained keys that unlock your car. I opened a locked rental car with the key but could not start the car. It turned out that it was someone else’s rental. I knew the other guy and told him about it. They may have found your keys if you lost them or obtained an extra set from a previous owner.

My son had his Integra stolen. They got in very easily, and just broke the wheel lock. I don’t like the club since they just cut the wheel if they want the car. At any rate all we did when we got the car back was to put in an alarm from Best Buy, and a hidden kill switch that shut the fuel pump off. The alarm itself might discourage someone (although a lot of them are just ignored now), but the kill switch will absolutely prevent them from driving the car away. The battery will run down from running the starter before they find the switch. Its a little bit of a hassle every time but it works. Now how in the world would a garage be unlockable-I wouldn’t put up with that.

Am I correct, with alarm, you also need a hood lock? Otherwise, they might target the battery to shut down the alarm.

I don’t think you need a hood lock. They are already inside the car at that point to pull the hood release and look around for the alarm.

I thought they disable alarm before getting into the car - otherwise, the alarm sounds and thieves would be terrified in the night - I am seeking protection at the complex I park in the night.

Its been a few years and was the son’s car but the hood release is on the inside of the car, correct? Once you set the alarm with the key fob provided, the alarm would go off if the doors are tampered with. Thus the alarm would be sounding as they 1) opened the hood and looked for how to disconnect it, or 2) Tried to start the car. Trying to start the car is easy by using a screwdriver, but with the fuel shut off switch, it will just crank and crank while the alarm is blowing and won’t start. You may end up with a dead battery and the books stolen, but the car will be there unless they tow it. To me anyway, you really need both unless it is a factory security system. Just an alarm or just the fuel pump switch wouldn’t do it, but together you stand a chance of them looking for something easier. Other option is a game camera and go after the suckers.