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2000 chrysler sebring oil leak

So for a while now my sebring has had an oil leak, very slow but it leaves a few drops of oil over night and i have to add a quart or 2 between oil changes, also my engine compartment is caked with oil all over. Being the cheap guy i am i decided to diagnose it by cleaning and spraying foot powder on where i thought it was leaking (the valve cover) Now my question is, this seems like a slow leak i left this on and drove it over an hour so it might not be the only one where else could i look? and i cant tell if its leaking from the valve cover or whatever is right next to it highlighted by arrows in my pictures, what is that is that somewhere where oil can leak through too?

Have you tried replacing the PCV valve?


i have not but thanks for the idea il test it pretty soon

PCV valve is good

Then raise the vehicle up, start the engine and check for any oil leaks as the engine idles.


That is a camshaft plug in the picture, if it is not dripping it is not the source of the leak. Take a look at the bottom of the engine near the transmission, the rear main seal is probably leaking.

Suggest to not replace anything expensive until you’ve replaced the valve cover gaskets first and determined the leak is not at the valve cover. I’ve had to replace the valve cover gaskets on my Corolla a few times over the years. It isn’t usually obvious where the leak source is just by looking at the oil pattern on the engine. In my case the new valve cover gaskets solved the leaks.