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2000 Galant Leaky Valve Cover

My 2000 Galant LS has 130k miles, and I was told today that my Valve Cover is leaking. The guy at the oil change place made it sound as though my engine could blow up at any moment.

However, while the cover indeed has some oil grim on it, indicating a seep, I am not losing oil between oil changes, so I am not convinced that this is as necessary a repair as he made it out be.

Also, the parts seem to be relatively inexpensive, so is this a DYI project I can tackle with a friend?

I can’t see it from here but I would want a second opinion,even if its just a friend with common sense,you have concluded you do not have a leak just a seep,some people jump right on these things.

Look at the valve cover,does it look like you could pick it straight up or are there cables and wires in the way? At times it is tough to keep the gasket in place while you are trying to get the cover back on,this is exactly the time when it is very easy to break off fittings or cable housings,so be careful.I am not a fan of using any kind of RTV sealant,pieces of the RTV can come off durning installation and end up in the oil.

My '95 developed the same leak around the same mileage. It eventually lead to slight misfire. I bought the gasket for $35 and it took me 30 minutes to change. Relatively easy job, you are better off using a torque wrench. I tightened the nuts by feel and checked a=on them and re tightened them over the next weeks.