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my car is a 2005 sedan. I have 70,000 miles on it. 2.4 litre dohc. I live here in minnesota. it was about 10 below zero and i decide to wash my car. i know i was an idiot. A couple days later i lost alot of oil. i mean like half a quart at a time. I could not narrow it down to any one spot because it would only leak when the engine was cold. I know that it leaks around mid-engine area somewhere above the oil filter. the funny thing is that when it leaks it comes down in a stream over the oil filter. i brought it in to see if the mechanics could narrow it down, but at that point the engine was warm so it stopped leaking. its about mid thirties to low forties but my car still leaks oil…not as much though. any ideas…

I would do an oil filter just to make sure an old gasket was not left in place.

that was the first thing i checked…i even put a new one in. it wasnt the gasket. i wish it was only that.

Nice to hear you are looking at those things, The second most probable then would be leaking valve cover gasket, but I would think that should be good at this age, but is worth checking, It is a possibility there is an oil pressure sensor on that side of the engine that has failed, hopeful it is fixed soon.

i checked the valve cover…it leaks a little, but it wasnt that. I did put a new oil sending unit too but that was dry so i am at the point that i need to do gasket and seal replacement all around. appreciate the reply

What kind of car?

I doubt that washing the car had anything to do with your problem. (as you imply)

It could be that in the extreme cold, something (like the mating surface of the oil filter) is contracting and leaving a gap, then when the engine warms, the gap closes. Why not check it when cold, or leave it at a mechanic overnight so they can check it?

Might also be worth trying a different brand of oil filter too. How tight are you putting these on? I usually just go hand tight without using a wrench. Maybe you’re over or undertightening the filter?

When you washed the car, are you talking about the exterior of the car only? Or, did you open the hood and spary water around in the engine compartment? If yes, was the engine up to operating temp when it was washed?

Water sprayed on a hot engine could have warped the valve covers or something else metal and now it only seats properly when the motor is warm.

I can’t see any connection to washing the exterior of the car (regardless of temp) and causing a motor to leak oil.

There Is A Chrysler TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) Warning About Possible Engine Damage.

The bulletin indicates that there are two different oil filters for 2005 Sebring 2.4L engines that don’t interchange and selection is “critical”.

One filter fits the Sebring / Stratus Sedan & Sebring convertible 2.4L DOHC (Chrysler engine) and is manufactured by Chrysler with part # 04105409.

One filter fits the Sebring / Stratus coupe 2.4L SOHC (MMC - Mitsubishi engine) and is manufactured by Mitsubishi with part # MD 360935.

“CAUTION: The MMC oil filter could be incorrectly installed on a DaimlerChrysler
built 2.4L engine. Use of the MMC oil filter on a DaimlerChrysler built 2.4L
engine will result in engine damage due to oil loss.”

I don’t know where you got your filter. It could even be an aftermarket. I’d walk to a Chrysler dealer and (have them look up the TSB if you’d like) get the correct filter.

Hope this helps. I’d rather it be the filter than possibly a head gasket leak at an oil gallery or something.


Unc, I Agree . . .

"I can’t see any connection to washing the exterior of the car (regardless of temp) and causing a motor to leak oil. "

Red herring.


Is It Possible That Oil Is Being Blown Up Out Of The Filter When Under Operating Oil Pressure?

Does this filter fit horizontally into the front of the engine ?

Can you clean off the area and while someone starts the car for a second, can you see it gushing ?