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2000 Chrysler Sebring cuts off while driving

My daughter’s car cuts off while driving. If I pump the accelerator it comes back but she’s inexperienced and is scared of driving it. Sometimes, she needs to park on the side of the road to restart it as it cruises down to a stop. It has a new battery. 126k miles

So why do you not have this thing in a shop and have it fixed . This is your daughter . If you want to drive it like that fine , but letting your daughter drive is irresponsible .


Please, don’t lecture me cuz I didn’t give you the whole story. I you can’t be constructive, kept it to yourself

Frankly I see nothing wrong with @VOLVO_V70’s advice and agree with it. Inexperienced drivers have enough to worry about on the road without fighting with car itself because it’s not working correctly.

Now, that being said, how about you give us some more information so we can start making constructive guesses…such as when were the spark plugs changed last? What’s pressure in the fuel line from the tank? When was the air filter changed last? Is the Check Engine Light on, and if so what are the actual codes?


@TK21 Those who give of their time here in the forum to help folks can only respond to the information posted by questioners such as yourself. And whole story or not this IS a major safety issue for anyone driving this car, especially an inexperienced driver, as well as other motorists on the road. Saying so IS constructive feedback.

That said, any questions posed to you are seeking info that will be helpful to provide you the help you need. If you do not know the answer to any particular question please simply say so and move on to the next question. The more details you can provide about exactly what in detail occurs when the car cuts off is helpful as is info about the car’s service maintenance.


After it stops working and you pull to the side of the road, does it restart immediately every time? If it didn’t that would be the time a shop could figure out what’s causing the problem . So if you can get it into a condtion where it won’t start, that’s golden. Otherwise unless there’s diagnostic codes, it may be hard to figure out.

One idea you might give a go, try driving with just a single key in the ignition switch. i.e. no key chain with dangling keys and other objects. If that seems to help you probably have a faulty ignition switch. Whenever you go over a bump the keys swing, that turns the switch, and turns the engine off.