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2000 Chevrolet Tahoe - Fuel pump appetite

Hello I have a 2000 chevy Tahoe 5.3 liter engine. I’ve replaced my fuel pump 4 times changed all the lines and the relay as well. It wouldnt start 3 times I tapped the tank all 3 and it fired up. Could I possibly need to replace ecm?

No, why? Do you think the ECM is killing your fuel pumps?

Not really sure but someone suggested maybe the fuel pressure regulator could be my issue.

Also when it doesnt want to crank I can tap on the tank and itll start up.

what is fuel pressure when it won’t start? Is the pump working? Are you sure you’re installing the correct fuel pump?

Did you replace just the pump or the complete module, pump and housing?

I’ll have to take it and get the pressure tested havent checked that but yes I’ve had it put in twice
By a mechanic.

Dumb question. Did the mechanic do any diagnostic or just install fuel pump at your request ?

Had diagnostic done at 90 bucks no issues in Virginia then drove to S.C. and it wouldnt
Crank so my cousin tap on the tank and I did it fired up so here goes pump
Number 4 or 5 now lost count and now it does the same thing still…

I would be looking at the electrical connector for the pump.

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Thanks Twin Turbo I’ll definitely try that especially since it doesnt cost me to do that!! Lol

Not cranking (turning over) means the starter motor is not engaging the flywheel and rotating the crankshaft. Knocking on the gas tank can wake up a fuel pump but probably has no effect on the starter motor and its circuitry.

Does it always crank (turn over) but sometimes fail to start?

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My apologies for not using the correct terminology. Yes it turns over just fails to
Start it may even attempt to run for a few seconds then does. I tap
The tank it runs.

There are a lot of cheap knockoff fuel pumps out there for sale. They will get the car running but won’t last. Maybe upping the quality of the pump would help.

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It’s an AC Delco pump from Autozone the very first time the
Pump was actually bad.

I’m in agreement with TwinTurbo about the electrical connection. A fuel pump is a high current consumer and over time that can lead to burning and corrosion at the pump connector.

That’s why parts manufacturers produce these.

Well looks like I’ll be purchasing one and installing it so I can stay away from this issue thanks

The AC Delco fuel pump assembly from Autozone comes with the harness pigtail, did you install it?

Never installed in fact I think it’s been riding state to state with me the past 2 weeks

I and other people I’ve known have long had issues with Chevrolet/GM fuel pumps going out repeatedly. It’s generally on models from the late 90s to early 2000s. I have no idea what causes it, but I know they tend to go out unexpectedly, and it costs about $700 plus a tow to get it fixed. I know one guy who cut a hole in the bed of his truck so he could access the fuel pump without having to drop the tank.