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2000 Chevrolet Metro no low beam

All lights work however No low beam its a dual filament bulb 9007. Some one suggest new headlight bulb solved their low beam problem. Another replaced the turn signal. Another found melted connectors. I told some one about it and while it was set to low beam pulled the relay out and back in - it lit up. However pulling out the relay again and again does not work. The first time the dealer fixed the problem however its back again being a problem and melting at connection is not as bad.

Couple of things to try…

Find a different relay in the vehicle’s relay/fuse boxes with the exact same part number as the headlight relay(s) and swap them, temporarily, to see if it “fixes” the problem.
Can you pull and hold the dimmer switch lever and make the beams light?

Compare. When the headlight dimmer switch goes bad it makes a sound (tink, click) different from a properly working one. When they break they often lose a click or tink that keeps it on low beam. You’ll need to compare yours to a properly working one.

Those switches are expensive, so an auto junk yard that lets you pull your own parts is the place to shop. Find one with lower mileage that sounds right when operated. This also allows you to practice replacing one. Hint: some manuals say to remove steering wheel, but with the correct size torx bit and 1/4" breaker bar, holding your moth just right, you might be able to sneak in under the wheel (with plastic column covers removed).

“not as bad”?

any melting at the connector can cause the connection to be warped and loose. If the connector is melted, I suggest replacing the end. These are fairly cheap, and pretty easy to do if you know basic electrical work.

I’ve already had to replace the connectors on my wifes 2012 Chevy Malibu- and am looking at having to do it on some of my 2015 Internationals that also use the 9007 bulb.

The 93 Metro didn’t use a headlight relay at all, just the switch. The 2000 model may be different.

Maybe good to sort of know!

I doubt if there is a 1993 Metro still on the road. But if I see one I will let them know .